In all the time I’ve been dealing with Cam Girls, it is very likely that Grace Marie is the geekiest of them all. She first caught my eye on Reddit with the sheer number of geeky outfits she wore. From there, well let us say that even though she is not wearing a geeky outfit in these photos, it still shows. Be sure to check her out ASAP, since she only does Skype shows, this is one girl that is going to quickly become hard to book for shows.

Sexy Geek Grace Marie

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Q.) How did you get into the Web Cam Modeling business?
A.) Hahaha I saw this ask reddit type post and it inspired me to look further into. After about a week of reading and studying I decide to try my hand in it!


Q.) What is your favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) Favorite uhhhh you mean I have to pick one?? Okay well I suppose then my friends. They help inspire me, constantly help me to learn and grow. It’s really amazing the people you can meet! 😀


Q.) What’s your least favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) So far I see nothing bad about this. I’m completely in control of my experience here and I’m pretty happy!


Q.) What sites do you work through?
A.) I only work on Skype. It’s a personal decision I have made to keep the interactions personal, and fair. Then I can stay kinky too 😉


Star Wars Geek Girl

Q.) Which sites are your favorite to cam at and why?
A.) My Skype 🙂 or posting to my Sexy Grace Marie Subreddit!


Q.) What does a typical day for you look like?
A.) A typical day is a lot of chatting with people, sometimes I get lucky enough to make new friends. I generally go with the flow on things, I fill orders I get, take my new photo albums (in my studio with my friends), or get on for play time!! 🙂


Q.) What do your clients do to make you feel special?
A.) Just talking to me really helps! I love getting to know people and really being able to connect even though our services tend to be less personal. Really though every compliment I get puts a smile on my face people are truly so nice!


Q.) What do you think is your best feature?
A.) Lets go with the fact that I’m fun sized lol


Q.) What feature do your customers like about you?
A.) I think I get a nice variety of interest but mostly lips, legs, and ass lol.Oh yeah and how small I am that’s pretty cool


Q.) What do you love about Camming?3
A.) I love so much truly. It’s been such a wonderful experience getting to combine everything that I love. As a young girl I really loved women like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. I found their independence and confidence captivating. I feel so free to express that with my work. I love that I’ve made so many wonderful new friends and all the kind compliments really make me smile! 🙂 Getting to play with people really makes the job! It’s so much better to play with friends than by yourself! Truthfully I could not imagine a better job in this world!


Q.) What would be your ideal date?
A.) Anything that is an adventure! (If it happens to include melted cheese that may add bonus points ;P)


Q.) What are your hobbies?
A.) Hmmm drawing, painting, cooking and baking. Really anything i can be creative with 🙂


Girls with glasses

Q.) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A.) Pizza with lots of cheese pepperonis and pineapples. That was easy 🙂 lol


Q.) What do you like to do to relax?
A.) Mmmm always t.v. or movies what ever great thing that netflix has to offer me 🙂



Q.) What’s on your iPod?
A.) Oy thats so random really lol things like Panic at the disco, The Killers, Gaslight Anthem, Days and Daze, Chuck Ragan, Childish Gambino :).


Q.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be, and why?
A.) I would live on Santa Monica Beach. I think that is the most beautiful place on earth and I love the everclear song so it only seems fitting 😛


Q.) Anything else you’d like to add?
A.) I mustache you a question…
But I’ll shave it for later 😉


Sexy tummy