Today’s Interview with a Cam girl is with alt model Cassie Sin! She is an absolutely stunning English girl, who is incredibly open minded. I can tell you, anyone she cams with is incredibly lucky indeed!

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Q.) How did you get into the business?
A.) This time last year, a mutual friend invited me to the birthday party of a fantastic woman named Libby, she’s an absolute legend and we hit it off straight away! Libby introduced me to the wonderful world of webcam. When I found out I could watch men wanking and they would pay me for the privilege I was hooked and I wanted in!

Cassie Sin

Q.) What is your favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) My favourite thing is working with my clients to uncover and celebrate their unique fetishes. I’ve had genuinely moving experiences helping clients to explore something they’re interested in but have previously been too shy to tell anyone else. Like the guy who loves to wank into PVC, or those that want to be humiliated, or to play out a fantasy. It’s fun and hot and I like to think I make a positive difference.

Q.)What’s your least favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) My least favourite thing has to be those that try to push for what is against the rules in free preview! I genuinely enjoy chatting to people and I’m happy to talk about all things filthy in free preview plus show off my outfit and sometimes even pole dance but for anything more we need to go to a group or private room – and they know it!

Q.) What sites do you work through?
A.) I work through adultwork only, although I keep in contact with my favourite clients through twitter and Fetlife too.

Cunt Closeup

Q.) Which sites are your favorite to cam at and why?
A.) I like to cam through adultwork because they have such a diverse range of hot horny guys for me to chat to (and sometimes girls and couples if I’m lucky!) plus I now have my favourite regulars and when I see their names show up in my room, I light up!

Q.) What does a typical day for you look like?
A.) A typical day involves 8 hours pushing paper in my day job, the usual array of household chores whilst squeezing in a work-out and getting myself ready to get online for around 9pm. I spend a couple of hours on cam in the evening. Depending on how the night has gone sometimes I’m then so horny I need to have an epic wank before I get myself off to bed! My clients are wonderful and often they’ll make me cum too but sometimes it doesn’t happen so after a couple of hours edging orgasm I am a rampant girl!

Q.) What do your clients do to make you feel special?
A.) My clients make me feel special because I make them feel special. I give them a safe non-judgemental space to explore their biggest turn-ons. I also feel special every time I’m allowed into that intimate moment of a guy masturbating for me; it’s a privilege and I’m grateful. Each guy has his own special technique, they know exactly what gets them off and I find that super hot. (Plus I know A LOT about wanking now!)

Q.) What do you think is your best feature?
A.) My best feature I’ve been told is my voice, apparently I sound too “posh” for the filth that comes out of my mouth. My bum also receives lots of lovely compliments which makes it worth the effort I put in – all the squats!

Q.) What feature do your customers like about you?
A.) My customers love my enthusiasm, it’s what draws them in and keeps them coming back. My excitement at watching them wank is genuine and they can tell. I’m wanking myself for real because watching them turns me on so much, they can hear how wet I get and love to watch when I squirt everywhere.

Q.) What do you love about Camming?
A.) What I love about camming is the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy sex and filthy talk. I enjoy swapping stories in free preview nearly as much as being whisked off to group or private for some horny fun.

I love how each client is different and I’m learning so much about what I enjoy – which seems to be everything. I like being told what to do just as much as being the one doing the telling! I’m happy to switch between sub and Domme depending on a client’s desires. I aim to please.

Cassie sucking cock

Q.) What would be your ideal date?
A.) My ideal date involves doing something exciting together with good food. I get bored in a cinema and struggle with small talk (or appropriate talk in public places hehe!) The most enjoyable date I had recently was playing board games and eating burgers in a pub in Shoreditch. Many giggles!

Q.) What are your hobbies?
A.) My hobbies including going to as many gigs and festivals as possible, watching live comedy, clubbing and creating amazing outfits to wear on club nights and I’m starting to come round to actually enjoying cooking for guests. I also like to write erotica because my mind buzzes with filth constantly!

Q.) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A.) If I could chose only one food forever it would be sweet potato, it’s my favourite! But please don’t take away the others, I love my food!

Q.) What do you like to do to relax?
A.) I’ll admit I’m not very good at relaxing, I like to be doing things! I will occasionally indulge in a long hot bubble bath but my favourite way to relax is to fall into a cuddle puddle after some hot and sweaty rampant sex!

Q.) What’s on your iPod?
A.) My iPod is a bizarre mix of metal and pop. It’s not unusual for Pink to follow Lamb of God and Pendulum.

Q.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be, and why?
A.) If I could live anywhere I chose somewhere sunny. I love to be warm!

Q.) Anything else you’d like to add?
A.) I wanted to add that I always welcome new clients to come and cam with me, especially those who are looking to explore something new or a bit taboo, I’m not easily shocked and have a lot of experience in all things kinky, come and see Cassie, I’ll take care of you.