Today’s Jesse Quinn is our guest on Interview with a Cam Girl. She is an independent cam girl who lives in her ideal place – a resort in the Caribbean, and runs her own Cam Site.

Q.) How did you get into the business?
A.) Several years ago I was finishing up my MA and a second undergrad degree and working full time doing security (as I didn’t want to graduate with any student debt). I was exhausted from a too-full workload and one night I watched a TV show about camgirls and decided to try it.

Interview with a Cam Girl - Jesse Quinn

Q.) What is your favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) I love working for myself. In working as a cam girl my work ethic and drive determines my success-nothing else. I can arrange my business to suit me, I can adapt and change and try new things whenever I desire. Plus I get to give myself raises whenever I want- I have an awesome boss 😛

Q.) What’s your least favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) I can’t think of much. I’m in a very fortunate place in that I get to pick and choose my clients and I don’t do things on cam I don’t enjoy. If I had to choose something it would probably be the occasional (luckily rare) uber-disturbing custom video requests I receive. I love the creativity inherent to the vast majority of the custom requests I receive and with the rest I don’t mock or judge people for their fantasies, but every now and then I receive a request that makes me shudder even reading it.

Interview with a Cam Girl - Jesse Quinn

Interview with a Cam Girl - Jesse Quinn

Q.) What sites do you work through?
A.) I work through my own website and I also run a listing site for independent camgirls at My sex and fetish video catalog is available there at I left the network cam sites years ago and never looked back.

Q.) Which sites are your favorite and why?
A.) My favorite sites are my own and each is a labor of love. is the first site I ever built and it’s still my baby. I love my listing site because I’m proud to be able to offer my friends and peers mentorship and payment processing at rates that match the IPSPs like CCBill, without each listee having to pay expensive annual VISA/Mastercard fees. The site I have the most fun with though is my blog, There I write material for camgirls about independent camming, as well as a fetish section where I put my most adored submissives on public display.

Interview with a Cam Girl - Jesse Quinn

Q.) What does a typical day for you look like?
A.) I wake up around 6. I go for a run or do yoga and then do research (I also have a ‘non-adult’ career) until 11ish. From then on it’s working on my websites, promoting, doing admin work for my listing site, doing skype shows, shooting and editing clips. Anything not on cam I do down by the pool on my laptop, it’s a rough life. A break for Insanity Max in the afternoon, followed by more of the same. I always steal away to the beach at least to watch the sunset, if not earlier. Nights I cam or go out dancing. I work 7 days a week so I try to have at least a little bit of offline fun every day.

Q.) What do your clients make do to make you feel special?
A.) They share their deepest fantasies and desires with me, and really let me get to know them. I have many clients who have been seeing me since I first started camming six years ago- we’re not just ‘camgirl and client’, we’re also friends and we’ve shared the experience of some pretty monumental life changes together through the years. I also love their generosity, I never take that for granted.


Q.) What do you think is your best feature?
A.) My brain, followed by my eyes.

Q.) What feature do your customers like about you?
A.) My clients love my muscles (particularly my biceps and abs), my legs, my eyes, my creativity and my ability to make them both tremble and laugh.

Q.) What do you love about Camming?
A.) I love being my own boss, I love the money and the freedom this job affords me, and I love watching my business grow and flourish as the years go by.

Interview with a Cam Girl - Jesse Quinn

Q.) What would be your ideal date?
A.) A day at the beach, followed by dancing til dawn

Q.) What are your hobbies?
A.) Reading, writing poetry, working out, dancing, swimming and poetry slams

Q.) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A.) Watermelon; it’s pretty much all I eat anyways

Q.) What’s on your iPod?
A.) Ha, my husband is an apple fan-boy and I tease him mercilessly about it. On my smartphone I listen to Dead Prez, Tupac, Big Krit, Freddie Gibbs, Brother Ali, Pharcyde, lil Wayne, Tricky, Mobb Deep, Pharoahe Monch, Nas…

Q.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A.) Exactly where I am. About six months ago I accomplished a long term dream of mine and moved away from arctic Canada to the Caribbean. I live in a resort that’s a three minute walk from the beach and I look around in amazement every single day that I live surrounded by such beauty.

Q.) Anything else you’d like to add?
A.) Camming can be anything we want it to be, and that holds true for both camgirls and clients. That’s my favorite thing about it, and I think that’s also a large part of the reason for the rapid growth in popularity amongst consumers of adult material.