Wasteyrself is a 19 year old cam girl from MyFreeCams. She’s a very cute, submissive, college girl who enjoys her work!

Q.) How did you get into the business?
A.) So I started posting on r/gonewild and a few people suggested that I could keep doing a similar thing and actually make money at the same time sooo I decided to look into it and made an account on myfreecams1 - GewQG2G


Q.) What is your favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) The flexibility of it / being able to set my own work schedule


Q.) What’s your least favorite thing about being a cam girl?
A.) Sometimes people record camshows and they end up on other websites which sucks


Q.) What sites do you work through?
A.) Primarily myfreecams though I have a streamate as well


Q.) Which sites are your favorite and why?
A.) Definitely myfreecams, i get a lot more traffic than I do on streamate and it seems like people are generally a lot nicer on mfc as well


Q.) What does a typical day for you look like?
A.) OK so pretty boring but here goes: wake up around 9, feed and walk dog, eat breakfast, get ready for class, take bus around 10:30, class until 4, get home around 5, feed and walk dog, hang out/ eat dinner, and if I’m camming that day I usually do so around 8 or 9, and then just hang out/watch tv until I go to bed


Q.) What do your clients make do to make you feel special?
A.) There are some really sweet guys who actually want to talk about nonsexual/cam related stuff which is nice and refreshing compared to most of the conversations people want to have


Q.) What do you think is your best feature?
A.) I’m not sure.. I think my eyes are probably my best feature, but I don’t think they’re really what attracts people to my cam shows


2 - LZpjwroQ.) What feature do your customers like about you?
A.) Hmmm that’s tough, not sure if this counts as a feature, but a few people have told me they like how innocent I look


Q.) What do you love about Camming?
A.) I love a lot about camming.. I’m definitely a little bit of an exhibitionist so I love that aspect of it. I also really enjoy being able to talk to lots of interesting people and that I get to do so from the safety of my own bedroom.


Q.) What would be your ideal date?
A.) My ideal date would be just hanging out watching a movie, having drinks, and snuggling on the couch


Q.) What are your hobbies?
A.) Hanging out with my dog (if that counts as a hobby ha), music related stuff, and I also really like biking



Q.) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A.) tacos!

Q.) What’s on your iPod?
A.) Mainly whiney emo bands like Midwest Penpals, Snowing, and Empire! Empire! but also some other random stuff like Bomb the Music Industry!, Blink 182, Modest Mouse, and Grimes


Q.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A.) Belgium because of the Waffles and Chocolate


Q.) Anything else you’d like to add?
A.) Nope, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to take part in your series 🙂

So there we go folks! wasteyrself from MyFreeCams. Go check her out and let her know you saw her on NudesFor.me

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