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Burning man photos nsfw

Burning man photos nsfw – Once a year, tens of thousands of people travel to “the playa” aka, Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for a week long “no trace left behind” event known as Burning Man. Once a bastion of artistic expression, community, self-reliance and cooperation, the event is now seeing a lot of issues with capitalization as it becomes more main stream. Many believe that Burning Man will probably stop in a few years as this happens.

Lucky for us, as part of that artistic expression from living in a place with few rules, is a strong string of debauchery. Drugs, alcohol, public nudity, and out right sex are part of this awesome event!

In the meantime, lets hope we’ll continue to see events like this! Huge sculptures that can be seen from anywhere in the huge camp. The bonfire that gives the event it’s name. The trading community that helps each other with needed items (important things like water, gas, food, and drugs!) And of course, gratuitous amounts of public nudity and SEX!!!

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