Obi Wan Fucks a Tusken RaiderSexy Star Wars Cosplay

I tell you, I am a fan of this new Sexy Star Wars Cosplay trend going on. Especially when doing lesser characters. Everyone knows of the Sexy Slave Leia costume. But how about a sexy Tusken Raider?

Sexy Star Wars Cosplay

Who apparently shaves! Of course, this is merely from the Star Wars Porn parody. Obi-Wan later gets to fuck the sexy Tusken Raider, which I distinctly remember was not a scene in that movie.

Then we have those lovely single piece R2D2 swimsuits that have made every Star Wars geeks dreams a reality. Why go with human interaction, when you can have fun with your favorite robot?

Star Wars R2D2 Girls

Whoever sexualized Storm Troopers is a genius though. I can’t decide which of these photos are sexiest, but I do know that I now want a Storm Trooper helmet of my own to wear during naughty times in bed.

Storm Trooper Fucking a light saber

Storm Trooper with her gun out


Female storm trooper wearing Nothing but the helmet

Full squad of naked female storm troopers

Latex Storm Trooper

Erotic Storm Trooper with Light Saber

Storm Trooper and her pet


Star Wars Storm Troopers at attention with tits out

Storm Trooper and Storm Trooper Corset

Without the most important character though, Imperial Storm Troopers are merely cannon fodder.

naked darth vader in library

Female Darth Vader uses the force

Uh... Mistress Darth Vader?

Bimbo Darth Vader

A naked Darth Vader contemplates the force

Glamours Topless Darth Vader

Suicide Girls Darth Vader

Darth Vader has a shaved pussy

But, even they need help. So in come the bounty hunters!

Bikini Boba Fett

Body Paint Boba Fett Outdoors

Body Paint Boba Fett

Boba Fett with light saber

Sexy Topless Boba Fett

The best part though is all the other villains. In a large Galaxy Far Away, there are tons.

Nude Asajj Ventress Cosplay

Nude Darth Maul

Luckily, we have to check out the heroines!

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